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Department store located near Hokkaido Hakodate Station, Boni-moriya.We offer services much needed by guests from overseas, with tax-free goods and Hokkaido souvenirs.

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17-12 Wakamatsu-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
TEL : +81-138-26-1211
Business Hours : 10:00a.m.-6:00p.m.
Open year round

Recommended Information
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Souvenirs section

【Souvenirs section】You can buy various souvenirs of Hokkaido.

Tax exemption counter

【On-site interpreter staff, Tax exemption counter】4F in the main building.


【Cosmetics】The major brand of Japan, such as SHISEIDO and KOSÉ, has gathered.

Fruit section

【Fruit section】Strawberry, Apple, Melon (There is also a cut fruit that you can eat at the hotel )

Japanese and foreign alcohol beverage section

【Liquor Corner】We have many kinds of Japanese sake including Hokkaido's sake, whisky and wine.


Boni-moriya opened at the present location in 1937. In Hakodate City, head for Hakodate Station, then you will see a shop with a mark resembling a Japanese letter "に." That is our shop.
As a tax-free shop in the Hakodate Station area, we offer services much needed by guests from overseas, with a variety of Hokkaido souvenirs and free Wi-Fi spots.
We look forward to welcoming you at Boni-moriya located near Hakodate Station.

Floor guide
【Main Building】
【7F】Event hall
【6F】Baby & children's clothes
Toys, Stationery
Clocks and watches, Jewelry, Glasses
Cosmetics, Japanese arts & crafts
【4F】Men's clothing, Men's Accessories
Coffee shop
Tax exemption counter
【3F】Women's clothing
【2F】Women's clothing, Women's clothing(Queen size)
【1F】Fashion accessories(Bags, Shoes etc.)
Fast food restaurant
Event hall
General food products, liquor
【Annex Building】
【7F】Children's Playland
【6F】Culture Shops
【5F】CD, Instrument, Books
【3F】Women's clothing
【2F】Women's clothing, Fashion accessories
Coffee shop
【1F】Women's clothing
Tea room
【BF】Souvenirs and famous confectionery
from across the country

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Points of Interest

Boni-moriya is located diagonally opposite from JR Hakodate Station, the gateway to Hakodate City, and the bus terminal. It is also by the tram station, and the tram system is an important transportation means for touring Hakodate, taking you to various sites including Mt. Hakodate, the Motomachi District, the Bay Area,Yunokawa,and Goryokaku.In the surrounding area, there are the Hakodate morning market and the Daimon Alley, which makes the area one of the popular sites among tourists. If you want tax-free shopping in the Hakodate Station area, looking for souvenirs, cosmetics, home electronics, daily goods, etc., come to Boni-moriya.

Procedure for a tax refund

Our shop offers tax-free shopping. Guests from overseas are exempted from a consumption tax of 8 %. (There are two types of tax free items. → Further information)
For a tax refund, please follow a procedure described below.
1) Prove that you are a foreign tourist by showing your passport.
2) Show tax-free items you purchased with receipts. Receipts are valid for the procedure only on the day of purchase.
3) Prove that you will take items you purchased to overseas by signing a written promise.
4)Receive your refund in cash.
There are on-site English and Chinese interpreter staff at the tax exemption process counter on the 4th floor of the main building.
Tax exemption procedures are handled at the cashier on every floor of the main building, and in the Annex building on the basement floor and the second floor.

Map & Access


Address:17-12 Wakamatsu-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
TEL : +81-138-26-1211
Business Hours : 10:00a.m.-6:00p.m.
Open year round
Access :1minute walk from JR Hakodate sta.

Language Service

StaffJapanese, English, Chinese
SignboardJapanese, English
BrochureJapanese, English, Chinese, Korean

Credit card that can be used

China Union Pay,VISA,JCB,Masters,Amex、Diners

China Union Pay visa jcb master amex diners

Questions about travel to Hokkaido

We accept questions about Hokkaido trips.
Please let us help you preparing for your individual trips,
small-group trips, observation tours, etc.

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